Movie Review: Arrival

Be assured, this review contains no spoilers. I went to see Arrival yesterday and I’m still thinking about it. It is a cinematic work of art masquerading as a cerebral, hard-core sci-fi film. What it’s not is an action-packed special effects extravaganza aimed at a teenage audience. (Although I confess that I love those movies, too!) You may not park your brain at the door with this one. Its slow, deliberate pace may at first be a little disappointing, but it is ultimately a very rewarding film. I was so moved by the end that I couldn’t talk about it when I returned home to my wife. It’s that kind of movie. It examines language and communication, the  nature of time, love and death, and the dynamics of interpersonal and international conflict. Yep, it’s a big mouthful. Although I love the comic book movies, it is refreshing to be challenged by what true science fiction can be. This is intelligent film-making at its best, demanding that we look at our own lives differently. It is both timely and timeless. And if there is justice in the world, Amy Adams will be nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress.

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