Music and Mayhem: A review of the movie Baby Driver

If you’ve had any doubts about seeing the new action film Baby Driver, leave them all behind. This movie delivers in spades. No, the trailer didn’t contain all the good parts. This is a thrilling film from start to finish. The casting of Ansel Elgort as the driver was inspired–yes, he has a truly baby face, and to see him drive like a bat out of hell is a delight. Kevin Spacey is a menacing puppet master, and both Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx are deliciously evil bad guys. And did I mention the killer sound track? All of the delirious action is driven by the tunes that play in Baby’s ears, music he listens to in order to drown out his tinnitus. Just when you thought the movie was exciting, it careens toward a climactic battle that will leave you gasping for breath and thoroughly satisfied. Sick and tired of your stupid boss? Kids driving you crazy? Demoralized by your impotent road rage in your wimpy Toyota? Check in to your local cineplex for the ultimate catharsis. Just make sure to fasten your seatbelt.


  1. Doesn’t sound like my genre, but you’ve made it seem as if I would love it anyway. Certainly love the cast. Will have to get Kevin to buy me some popcorn! Now, about the epilogue to Seal of Secrets…do I want to read that now? I’m reading Seal of Secrets, but don’t want to ruin the story at this point! Great review.


    1. Hi, Diana

      If you’re reading Seal of Secrets now, I would hold off reading Eye of Newt until after you’re finished. Might be some mild spoilers. I’m glad you liked the movie review. If you aren’t into shoot ’em ups, Baby Driver might not be your cup of tea, but it was cinematic heaven for me! Thoroughly satisfying.

      I am so happy you are writing a sequel to SITO! I can’t wait! And it’s so cool how you keep racking up the gigs and the reviews. Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off.

      Say hi to Kevin for me,



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