Free Book

Again I want to thank all of you for your generous support of my writing ambitions. For the next five days, through Monday, April 24, the Kindle edition of my book The Pieta in Ordinary Time and Other Stories will be free. Please consider gifting a copy to a friend or family member. (Or several copies to several friends and family members!) Show them why reviewers are saying things such as:

“It isn’t often that a short story sticks with me for years and years. But some of these tales are unforgettable.”

“This is a great collection. I don’t want to play favourites; every single piece in this collection is finely written. Nonetheless, for me some went beyond mere excellence; I have to call them sublime.”

“This is a staggering collection of 16 short stories which explore the darker side of the human condition: death, grief, mortality, mental illness, prejudice, abuse and so forth. It isn’t light reading, but it is powerful stuff: shocking, lurid, hopeful, uplifting.”

“Reading these stories felt like a visit to the Twilight Zone (a whole season’s worth).”

Click the book title above for a link to the page on Amazon.

Meanwhile, work on a new collection of short stories is proceeding. I’ve got about half a dozen pieces so far. The book will be entitled Catch of the Day and will boast a cover painted by my wife Sharon, whose artistic talents have been exploding in recent weeks. Color me proud!

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