Book Signing and Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

I wanted to let my friends know that I will be reading from my short stories and my latest novel and signing copies at Santiam Wine & Bistro on Saturday, May 13, from noon  to 3:00. The shop is located at 1555 12th Street SE in Salem. The owner, Debbie Rios, will have some yummy selections for tasting. What better way to start a weekend than a sip of wine and a good book? I hope to see you there.

That said, what about The Fate of the Furious? OK. If you didn’t enjoy any of the previous films in the franchise, then don’t go to see this one. If you did enjoy them, then run out and buy a ticket today. But let’s be clear. This isn’t rocket science, nor is it War and Peace. It’s a testosterone-fueled, car-chase-and-explosion-packed film probably aimed at an audience of adolescent boys. But what’s wrong with that? You were young once, weren’t you? So park your brain at the door and ramp up your willing suspension of disbelief to astronomic proportions. Then take out a personal loan so you can afford the popcorn and bask in the cinematic mayhem. But by all means, fasten your seat belt!

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